Home Groups

Home groups are currently on hold due to COVID-19. You can join us for an online home group every Wednesday at 7pm.
Home groups are a chance to join in fellowship in a smaller context, studying the bible and worshipping together, and supporting each other. There are a range of home groups available, please contact the leader of a group or the vicar if you'd like to join one.
Elizabeth Moreland's

Meets at the Vicarage on Wednesdays, mornings and evenings, fortnightly.

Vicar's Men's Group

A fortnightly men's group held at the Vicarage.

Jean Fiedler's

Meets at Jean's, Monday evenings, fortnightly.

Liz Cremer's

Meets at Val's, Monday mornings, fortnightly.

Richard & Chloe

We'll be meeting up in East Ayton every other week to talk through a bible passage together, sing songs, talk about our challenges and pray for each other.

Get in touch if you'd like to join us!