New to Christianity?

The Crossgates and in-church modern services are not currently running, we recommend you check out our online service, which is every Sunday at 11.30am. Hiding at the back has never been easier, or say hello and get to know us friendly bunch.

Although we can't run in-person courses at the moment, we'd be happy to run an online course if we get enough interest, or talk with you personally about all things faith, just get in touch!

St. Martin's aims to be a welcoming and accessible church, and if you're new to Christianity you're welcome to anything we do. However, you might find the following especially helpful as you investigate the claims of Jesus.

Start Course

"Start! introduces Christianity through six DVD based interactive, small-group sessions. The Start! course makes no assumptions about participants’ background or experience or knowledge of Christianity or the church. It really does start from scratch."
We run the Start! course from time to time. There isn't currently one in the diary, but do get in touch and we'll let you know when we next put one on.

Shorter Modern Worship Service

On the third Sunday we trim everything down to make it shorter and more accessible. There's no Sunday Club to allow everyone to partipate in the service, children of all ages are very welcome.
Everything you need is projected on the screen, and you won't be expected to sing, say or do anything you don't feel comfortable with.

Crossgates Community Church

We're kicking off a brand new gathering at Crossgates Community Centre. Café church format, with a video to get us thinking, discussion around tables, and a short time of worship, but are looking forward to seeing what it becomes as you help us shape it and reach your community!